Sildenafil citrate – First revolution in erectile dysfunction treatment

Sildenafil citrate is a very popular chemical used in the both branded and generic remedies. The main purpose of this ingredient is to boost the blood supply in the body. First time this ingredient was tested in the lab of Pfizer in 1998. This chemical is not only used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but also has the potential to cure the pulmonary arteries and hypertension disorders. Nowadays this active ingredient is also used in the medications which are only prescribed for the women to treat their sexual dysfunctions.

The contribution of erectile dysfunction in young and old age men is depend upon the physical and psychological problems. But this ingredient is providing the quick relief from the any kind of sexual dysfunction including the psychological impotence. This ingredient boosts the blood flow in the good amount in to the reproductive organ which helps to get the strong and hard erection. This ingredient works very quickly and effective if you consume with empty stomach. The restricted supply of the blood in to the reproductive organ is mainly occurred due the presence of PDE5 enzyme. This active ingredient smoothly removes the enzyme from the blood and expands the arteries for the natural flow of blood in to the penile region.

Depression is a common disorder which is experienced by the impotent men due to the relationship problem. Unsatisfactory results during the sexual act are leads to the problem in the married relationship. Erectile dysfunction is comes in the old aged men life due to the physical factors like diabetes, hypertension, nerve injury and low level of testosterone. But young aged men are also suffering with this disorder due to the psychological problems like prolonged stress, anxiety and depression. This disorder is mainly comes due to the ageing but factors like smoking and excessive use of alcohol is also contribute this problem.

Medication like antidepressant is also contributing the erectile dysfunction in men if used without prescription. So never use any medication without the prescription including the sildenafil citrate. This active ingredient is almost used in the every medication for the erectile dysfunction treatment. So always consult with the physician before the use sildenafil citrate ingredient. Generic Viagra is an effective remedy which is used for the treatment of impotence and also contains the sildenafil citrate. There are many adverse effects of the sildenafil citrate medication like dizziness, headache, back pain etc. All these effects are mostly temporary in nature and will be disappeared after some time.

Review on the possible causes for erectile dysfunction

Before the treatment of erectile dysfunction you must know about the different causes which are promoting this problem. The causes of male erectile dysfunction are numerous which are belongs to the physical and psychological health. Lack of knowledge about the erectile dysfunction may create the barrier in the safe treatment. First of all just consult with the physician about the main cause for erection dysfunction which may be physical or psychological. Here are the possible factors which contribute the erectile dysfunction in men at any age.

Physical causes for erectile dysfunction

There are numerous of physical health problems which are contributing the erection problem at any age. Most of the physical health problems are experienced by the old aged men which are restrict the blood flow in to the reproductive organ. The leading health problem which restricts the flow of the blood in to the body is diabetes. Uncontrolled level of the sugar in the body leads to the sexual dysfunction in men by damaging the blood vessel and nerves. Inadequate supply of the blood in to the reproductive organ can be occurred due to the many heart diseases. Heart is the primary organ of the body which pumping the blood in to the different parts of the body.

Inadequate supply of blood is mostly occurred due to the excessive fat in the body which blocks the arteries. Excessive body weight is also the leading causes for the male erectile dysfunction. Uncontrolled blood flow condition is medically known as hypertension which is experienced by the peoples due to the unhealthy lifestyle. The drugs which are used for the treatment of the uncontrolled blood flow are also contributing the erectile dysfunction.

Imbalance of hormones in the body is reduced the sexual desire and can be contributing the erectile dysfunction. Dropping level of the sex hormones is mostly increased as per getting older.

Psychological causes for erectile dysfunction

Psychological health problems like stress, anxiety and depression are responsible for the lower sexual desire in men. But prolonged psychological health problems are contributing the erection problem in the young aged men. Mostly psychological health problems are treatable through counseling without taking any medication.

Unhealthy lifestyle and poor dieting increase the risk of erectile dysfunction in the young aged men. Millions of men around the world are dealing with the erectile dysfunction due to the unhealthy lifestyle like smoking addiction and alcoholism.

Natural Tips to get rid over the Obesity

Extra Body weight is always promoting the many health problems like hypertension, heart diseases and sexual dysfunction. There is no doubt that most of the men in all over the world are experiencing the sexual health problem due to the Obesity or Extra body weight. Frustration is the first symptom of the obesity because of the tough task. Just follow these tips to lose some body weight naturally and keep motivated yourself.

Cook your meal at home
Most of us are always loved to enjoy the meal from the outside the home which is linked with unhealthy life style. So it is always good for the health to cook inside the home instead of eating outside. Outside foods is always containing the poor nutrition and always looked oily. Cooking your meal inside home not only gives you healthy nutrients but also save your pocket money.

Don’t Skip Meal
Skipping the one time meal is not a healthy way to deal with obesity, many of us is already tried it. Skipping the one time meal will makes your more hungry, so don’t try this. If you are really wants to get rid over the obesity than use the raw foods (without cooking).

Cardio exercises
Every task which is related to the good health is always incomplete without the physical workout. It is good for the healthy life to indulge yourself daily with physical workout. Cardio exercises will naturally help you to lose your extra body weight by burning the unused fat. There are different kind of cardio exercises are easily performed like swimming, jogging, cycling, running and walking.
Eat small but frequently

When you are decide that you have to lose your precious body weight then remember eat healthy but smaller. Just divided you day meal in to 6 times, frequently eating the small portion of meal will help in the quick digestion and burns the more body fat.

It is better to stay away from the cooked food if you are wants to see some quick result in weight loss. Just depend upon the raw foods like green vegetables and fruits like apple, mangoes, oranges etc. Everything is possible but always requires dedication and hard work so never put your weapons before the battle.

Responsible Factors for Low sexual desire in men

Normally sexual appetite is always differing from person to person. Most of the young aged men are seeking for the medical help to enhance their sexual desire. There are verities of reasons which lower down the men sexual desire and many of them are psychological and interpersonal. Low sexual desire condition is naturally diagnosable with the help of healthy diet and physical workout.
Factors for Low Sexual desire

Low testosterone level
Testosterone is a male sex hormone and low production of this hormone in the body mostly leads to the low libido in men. This is necessary to consult with the physician for the physical health check-up because this is possible that lower sexual desire can be the part of unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy life style like smoking, alcohol and drug abuse can be the reasons for the low production of testosterone in the body.

There is no doubt that the production of sex hormones is decline gradually with age-dropping about 1 percent per year. After the age of 30 the production of the testosterone hormone drops continuously as per age goes on. There are lots of supplements and pills are present in the medical market to boost the level of sex hormones. But this is necessary to always follow the natural ways to increase the level of testosterone hormones in the body such as choose healthy food, daily follow the workout routine and avoid the stress.

High Body Weight
High body weight is also increase the risk of lower sexual desire because it drops down the level of sexual hormones. Those persons who are dealing with the high body weight problem are always feel the low self-esteem and never performed well during the sexual act. This health problem kills the sexual desire of men and couples always feel the dissatisfaction when they indulge in the sexual intercourse.

Prolonged Stress
Those men who are suffered with the mental illness like stress and depression are always experience the low libido. This disorder is always considered the killers of sex drive which can be occurred due to the office work, business issues and problem in the married relationship.

Prolonged Stress is swing the mood of men and they experience the low sexual desire and premature ejaculation problems. Stress disorder can be treatable with the help of yoga techniques and breathing exercises.

Low sexual desire can be increased the risk of erectile dysfunction in men which can be treatable with the help of silagra 100mg oral medication.

How to avoid the erectile dysfunction for longer time

Here are few steps which are helpful to avoid the erectile dysfunction for the longer time. There is no specific age limit in which erectile dysfunction in experience by the men. Mainly erectile dysfunction is experienced by those persons who are mentally and physically suffered with the health problems. This is possible that a physically healthy man can deal with the erectile dysfunction due to the prolonged stress, anxiety and depression. But most of the erectile dysfunction cases are belongs with the physical health problems like diabetes, hypertension and hearts diseases which affect the blood supply.

Tips to avoid the erectile dysfunction

Reduce body weight
This is the first symptom of the erectile dysfunction high body weight or obesity, because extra body fat in the body blocks the arteries. Arteries are supplying the blood in to the reproductive organ which is very essential for the hard erection. But inadequate supply of blood which is promoted by the obesity is leads to the erection problem during the sexual act. So physically work hard daily and get a reward of healthy body weight. You can naturally treat the erectile dysfunction which is occurred due to the psychological factors if you are approaching these tips.

Leave Unhealthy lifestyle
Unhealthy life styles like smoking, excessive use of alcohol are also affecting the men sexual health. Smokers are mostly deal with the erection problem in their initial stage of sexual life. So avoid these bad habits and live a healthy life which makes you sexual relationship stronger.

Eat healthy like Fruits and Vegetables
Healthy diet is boosting the production of the sex hormones in the body which are enhancing the sexual desire of men. So always include these foods in your meal plan like fresh fruits, green vegetables, milk product, fishes, red meat, nuts, beans, avocados etc.

Reduce the use medications
Yes this is true that excessive use of the medications will affect the sexual urge of men. So always reduce the use of medications if won’t necessary, you can consult with the physician for the better help. Blood pressure and antidepressant drugs are mainly linked with the erection problem in men so try to reduce the usage of medications.

Avoid stress
You can quickly get rid over the stress with the help of yoga and breathing exercises. Prolonged stress which comes in men life due to the relationship problem, business loss, and financial problem may reduce the urge of sex. So always treat stress problem naturally by changing the life style.

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